Cedar Shingles Roof, Wroxham

Eastern Roofing for all your rooftop repairs

Eastern Roofing provides expertise in the installation, construction and repair of cedar shingle roofs in Norwich and throughout Norfolk. Canadian Cedar shingles are smooth sawn, tapered and random width wood tiles, They are commonly used for domestic and commercial roofing, as well as a cladding for walls, stable roofs, summer houses and gazebo’s. In addition to offering a high level of protection, they also contribute significantly to the achievements of Zero Carbon Housing, providing an environmentally friendly, durable and lightweight solution that is weather resistant in exposed situations. Shingles can also be fixed at a roof pitch as low as 14 degrees, offering the end user a reliable form of roof covering as an alternative to felt or lead. We installed the oak frame and the mortise and tenon joints. We then added the Canadian Cedar shingles to the roof.

"It was a joy to work with Leighton and the Eastern Roofing team. The whole structure looks fantastic and the cedar shingles really stand out in all weathers. " Anil, Wroxham, Norwich.

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