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At Eastern Roofing we specialise in professional roof and gutter cleaning services. Based in Norwich and operating across East Anglia, our reputation has been built on our fast and reliable services and exceptional cleaning results. Here at Easter Roofing we manually remove moss by hand (no jetwashing!) then apply biocide which will stop moss from returning. We've invested in some of the very latest and most sophisticated cleaning equipment, allowing us to offer great roof cleaning results for our clients without the need for aggressive treatments. Rejuvenating roofs and guttering systems and adding longevity to the life of roof tiles, our work comes with no complications and always great results. Our skilled and highly-trained team are equipped to carry out all work to the highest of standards

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Drive Clean, Eaton

Roof cleaningPlus Driveways and Patio's

If dirty, moss or algae-covered roofs are distracting from your property's appearance and moss dropping to the ground is becoming a nuisance here at Eastern we have a number of treatments to uncover the beautiful coloured roof hiding beneath the years of grime. To avoid marking and damaging your tiles with any abrasive pressure washing, we undertake manual moss removal, and our fast acting biocide agent is 100% effective, removing lichen, moss or algae and returning the colour to your dull, dark or stained roof tiles. We recently cleaned a bungalow roof in Brundall. We also clean driveways, patios and garden paths.

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Moss Off RoofSummer Offer

Moss OFF roof summer offer.
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