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5 Layer high performance felt system with 100m insulation boards

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The Co-operative Food, Luton LU2

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New Flat Roof

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The Ultimate flat roofing systemsOver 20 years in the business

A single ply roof system provides a cost-effective solution for the refurbishment of any building, which offers excellent thermal performance and long lasting quality. Here at Eastern Roofing, we offer fibre glass and felt options, each deliver unbeatable benefits for owners of commercial or industrial buildings considering roof refurbishment.
Our installers fit the roof system in accordance with the latest building regulations to provide owners with reduced cooling and heating rates, a flawless look aesthetically and a product that offers sustainability and strength for years to come. Whether you’re opting for a patch repair or a full flat roof re-cover, spotting signs of damage early and taking swift action ensures that you maintain a flat roof that gives you the coverage you need!

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Felt Roofing

Felt RoofsWe are here to help.

Eastern Roofing 5 layer flat High performance felt roofing systems. These are laid with a breathable membrane that lets any trapped gases and moisture decking to disperse. The next layer is an underlay which is torched on with a separate apron edge. The cap sheet with a separate apron. This system has multiple layers of waterproofing.

Built up felt roofing consists of two, three or five layers of bitumen sheet that have been bonded together using either hot bitumen or adhesive. With an average life expectancy of 15 to 30 years, flat felt roofing is economical option. We have recently completed new flat roofs at Norwich City Academy, Queens Road Norwich and The Co-operative Food, Hitchin Rd, Luton LU2.

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Fibre Glass roofing

Fibreglass roofing systemsWe install and clean.

Produced from polyester based resins which are reinforced using a fibreglass reinforcement mat, this is liquid applied system which forms a continuous seamless waterproofing membrane, designed to provide long term waterproofing of flat, pitched or balcony roofs. Fibreglass roofing systems have become extremely popular over the past two decades due to the high life expectancyof 25-40 years.

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